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Legoland Dubai theme park, located amidst Dubai Parks and Resorts – Riverland is the ultimate world of fun, adventure and accounts as a thrilling experience. Explore 40 interactive rides, 20 water slides and more than 15000 Lego models at the region’s first Lego-inspired Park. The water park and theme park have various adrenaline-pumping adventures and rides for people of all ages. Discover Legoland’s astonishing zones, including Miniland, Adventure, Kingdom, Imagination, Lego City, and Factory Zone which would surely blow your mind away with their beauty. Get to enjoy Lost Kingdom Adventure, one of the most attractive rides of Legoland as it lets you explore the secrets of ancient temples and go on laser-blasting hunts in search of a lost treasure.

The indoor theme park rides are the most unique way of learning new things as kids get to test their skills by building things creatively. Let your kids enjoy the experience of Driving School and in getting their driver's license. Watch your kids playing while munching on mouth-watering varieties of food from Legoland Dubai. Here, we will update you with the attractions of Legoland Dubai.

Rides in Miniland Zone

Miniland Legoland Dubai
  • Miniland

The term ‘Miniland’ gives away hints as it consists of various mock-ups of Dubai’s iconic skyline to its key landmarks such as the Burj Khalifa and the Burj Al Arab. You can witness the beauty of cities from all around the Middle East in just this one place. Miniland is built with 20 million LEGO® bricks in an air-conditioned area with a cluster of monuments from Egypt, Petra Jordan, Kuwait and even India. This walk is a great learning experience for the kids and adults alike.

  • Miniland Lightshow

Miniland lightshow is a treat for people of all ages, as it has a total of 15,000 Lego models which are lit up using 800 lighting channels leaving its audience stunned and mesmerised. In Miniland, visitors can also take up a chance to create and build their dream city with the LEGO bricks at ‘Build A City’ which is a 10-metre play table. Miniland is one of the must-visit attractions of Legoland Dubai.

Rides in Adventure Zone

Beetle Bounce
Lost Kingdom Adventure
Pharaoh’s Revenge
Submarine Adventure
Wave Racers

Bouncing as a form of activity is filled with fun and excitement which thereby makes this ride one of the most coveted ones in all of the Adventure Zone. During this ride, the kids are launched nearly 15 feet above in the air towards LEGO scarab beetles, and then come back to the ground. This goes on multiple times, as the kids scream out of joy while bouncing back and again. This ride is enjoyed by kids and adults alike as you’re safely tied to a belt and seated on the ride.

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Rides in Kingdom Zones

legoland Dubai
  • The Dragon

Enjoy the dragon roller coaster ride leaving behind life’s roller coaster and all your daily worries for sometime. During the twists and turns of this roller coaster, people scream their lungs out as it is one of the most adventurous ride in Legoland Dubai.

  • Dragon’s Apprentice

Dragon’s Apprentice is an ideal ride for visitors who cannot ride ‘The Dragon’ as it is a medium-speed roller coaster. This ride would provide you the opportunity to view the surroundings of the Lost Kingdom which has its own charm in the heart of Legoland.

Rides in Imagination Zones

legoland Dubai
  • Build & TestYou can build and test anything you want here, starting from cars to aeroplanes,you can give anything a life. Stack up blocks to build a skyscraper or create a car and test it against everyone on a digital time tracker that’s installed in the indoor area.

  • DUPLO® ExpressDuplo Express is a fun-filled compact ride, especially made for the younger ones. Climb into any of your favourite colourful carriages and enjoy the ride. It’s an amazing experience to see your kids wave hands at you while they have fun with their fellow mates.

  • DUPLO® ValleyDuplo Valley is the perfect place for toddlers and is built in a way that attracts visitors with its colourful nature. On this ride, get ready to board the world's first DUPLO coaster, and play the role of a Pilot at DUPLO airport or jump on a cornfield and help farmers to hunt to find missing farm animals. It is one of the most memorable experiences and is considered one of the major attractions of Legoland Dubai.

  • Kid Power TowersKid Power towers will let your kids become super-kids as they pull themselves up to the top of the tower and enjoy the panoramic views of all Legoland Dubai rides. Toddlers would love this ride as they learn a life-skill here, which is that their parents or guardians wouldn’t always be there to help them. Thus, they have to figure out things on their own.

  • LEGO® Master Builder AcademyLEGO® Master Builder Academy is an indoor building and educational area where you can bring your imagination to reality by building things. This activity will make your toddler come out of their comfort zone and will perpetuate them in thinking outside of the box.

  • LEGO® MINDSTORMS®Attend free tutorials to build robots that obey your commands. These programmes are for free but the space is limited. Hence, reach before time and grab your seat to make the best out of your learning experience. Creating robots of your own is such a remarkable experience that it leaves a lasting imprint on your mind and is one of the main attractions of Legoland Dubai.

  • LEGO® Studios 4DDon’t know where to sit and relax after a tiring day of enjoying all the ride in Legoland Dubai? Chill and watch 4D cinema that is exclusively available in LEGO® Studios 4D without any distractions as everyone indulges themselves in watching their favourite Ninjago heroes and many more such things.

  • LEGO® Technic TwisterThe more you spin the wheel, the faster it goes. The faster it goes, the more fun it brings. It’s your task to keep spinning the wheel as much as possible to retain the fun of this ride in this Imagination Zone.

Rides in Lego City Zone

legoland Dubai
  • Boating SchoolIt's time to test your navigation skills as your child captains the battery-powered LEGO themed boat and you ride through the Legoland water park following their commands.

  • Driving SchoolAfter going through certain driving tests, the Lego world provides an official driving license for your toddler. Watch your kids’ driving skills as they ride through the race tracks of the Lego world and engage in one of the best Legoland Dubai rides.

  • Junior Driving SchoolJunior Driving School, is similar to Driving School but this is for the kids who are 3 years old and 90 cm in height. Kids drive through the small race tracks showing off their driving skills and they get a chance to earn an official Lego world driving license at the end of this activity.

  • City AirportEvery young pilot can fly their Duplo planes as they go up and down with the control of a joystick, watching their excitement as you sit alongside your kid while flying.

  • Rescue AcademyFamily fun is possible at Rescue Academy as this is a group activity. Put your speed and skills to test as you power a LEGO engine to save a burning building using hand-powered water hoses.

  • Sea PortThe seaport is specially made for kids where they can climb, crawl and run through the marine-shaped playground. These play structures are designed like cruise lines, coast guards and cargo ships to give you a real-time experience. Parents can give themselves a break from running behind toddlers and relax by watching their toddlers amuse themselves.

  • Police HeadquartersPolice Headquarters is an indoor air-conditioned building themed like a Lego city which has Lego bricks to play with. This is an ideal place for kids to enjoy playing the role of a cop or a prisoner. Watch your toddler’s enthusiasm come to life in this never-ending game of cop and prisoner.

  • Factory ZoneFactory zone would give an amazing experience as it is a unique attraction of Legoland Dubai. It would give you an understanding of the process behind how the Lego bricks are produced and find out how finished building blocks are made from colored granules. Each kid will get to take home a fresh Lego brick from the casting line.


Which are the best rides to experience with kids in Legoland Dubai?

    There are certain rides which are a must-visit attractions of Legoland Dubai. Driving School, where children get a driving license in Legoland Dubai is indeed an amazing experience. Wave Racers, another exciting and fun-filled water ride is where you have to dodge surprise water attacks. Moreover, Beetle Bounce is another exhilarating ride where kids love to bounce and enjoy the most. LEGO® Technic Twister and many more rides which are considered to be the best ride in Legoland Dubai waterpark.

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