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Legoland Malaysia tickets take you into one of the top six parks of the world dedicated to the fun of little ones. A perfect family-packed day of adventure, you can enjoy your Malaysian tour at Legoland theme park, water park, and SEA Life aquarium. Kickstart your day to choose among 40 rides zoned in 8 thematic areas of the Legoland theme park. There are many zones to please your kid like LEGO City, MINILAND, NINJAGO World, etc to present your kid with some of the coolest block-building activities. You and your kid can watch some amazing educational shows at the colorful theme park. Move to the Legoland water park for a splash adventure to plunge 20 slides and many rides. There is a lazy river at the water park where your kids can engage in building their own raft. Post the fun at Legoland Malaysia theme and water park, SEA life aquarium welcomes you. You can go on an educational tour to understand the aquarium’s 13,000 aquatic animals and oceans better through 25 tanks in 11 zones.

Your Legoland Malaysia Tickets Explained

Ticket Legoland Malaysia lets you access the theme park, water park, and SEA life for a full fun packed day. The tickets include a round-trip transfer from the hotel of your stay in a comfortable vehicle to Legoland Malaysia. With the tickets, you can explore 8 different themed zones, access 40 amazing rides, and watch shows at the kid's favorite Legoland theme park. Besides the theme park tickets make you enter the Legoland Malaysia water park for splashing fun. Furthermore, the tickets provide you access to SEA Life Legoland Malaysia to embark on an educational journey to understand the ocean better.

Best Legoland Malaysia Tickets Combo Deals

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Legoland Malaysia Tickets + Sea Life Entrance Tickets

Enter Legoland Malaysia to start your day at 10:00 AM via a transfer from your hotel of stay. With Legoland Malaysia tickets, you can access 40-themed rides and watch special shows for a 4-hour perfect family day. A kid-favorite spot, Legoland is your go-to place where your little one would enjoy, engage and learn. Post fun at Legoland, and move to SEA Life Malaysia to learn more about aquatic life and oceans. The interactive 2-hour activities of storytelling, learning, and exploration are aimed to educate kids and adults alike. After the knowledgeable visit to SEA Life aquarium, sit comfortably and transfer back to the hotel.

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Legoland Malaysia Admission Ticket with Return Transfer from Kuala Lumpur

Under Legoland Malaysia ticket price, enjoy pick up and drop-off at your hotel from Kuala Lumpur city to Legoland Malaysia amusement park in a climate-control vehicle. Get access to Legoland Malaysia for the whole day with a round-trip transfer to save time. The journey takes 3.5 hours one way to reach Legoland Malaysia Resort of Theme park and waterpark from Kuala Lumpur. Choose from 40 rides and watch kid shows among the attractions at Legoland Malaysia to climb, fly, hop, ride, and jump for 6 hours. Let your kid indulge in colorful block-building activities to develop skills and learn new techniques.

Legoland Deustschland Tickets
Theme Park + Water Park + Aquarium

Legoland Malaysia tickets provide you access to Legoland theme park, water park, and SEA life in a super-saver combo. The 1-day pass starts with your entry at Legoland theme park to please your kids. Enjoy 40+ attractions of the theme parks and make your kids indulge in cute block-building activities and many more playing zones. After enjoying your time in the theme park, move to the Legoland water and plunge the slides with a splash with your loved ones. Post the visit to Legoland theme and water parks, move to SEA life for an interactive tour to learn about the ocean and aquatic life.

Benefits to Booking Legoland Malaysia Tickets From Us

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Things to Do in Legoland Malaysia

Discover Sea Creatures

With Legoland Malaysia Tickets, you can discover some of the most magnificent aquatic animals in SEA life: seahorses, jellyfish, zebra sharks, black tip reef sharks, stingrays, clownfish, rockpool creatures, etc in the 11 of its exhibits. A total of 13,000 aquatic animals belonging to 220 unique species are there to say hello to you.

The Great Lego Race Legoland Deustschland Tickets
Enjoy Rides & Attractions

There are a total number of 40 rides zoned in 8 thematic areas of the Legoland theme park like LEGO City, LEGO KINGDOM, MINILAND, NINJAGO World, etc. The popular rides include Planet Legoland, driving school, aqua wave racers, Lego city airport, Dino island, and NINJAGO the ride. Among all the rides, Lego Technic Coaster is the fastest one with a speed of 28 mph.

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Underwater Dining

You can dine beside the beautiful aquatic animals of the Sea Life Legoland under Malaysia’s first Underwater Diner. Under Legoland Malaysia ticket price, choose from a four-course meal and eat scrumptious meals besides Black tip reef sharks, rays, zebra sharks, and many more animals. If you wish to plan a dinner date, you can start eating after 6 pm.

shopping at awana sky central

Shop for stylish mugs, stuffed toys, merchandise, and stationery all in the themes of LEGO! One of the largest shopping centers of Lego in Asia, there are three shops- The Big Shop, The Brick Shop, Mini Market, Stage Shop, King’s Market, Adventurer’s Depot, and Sensei’s Shop. The surf shop at the Legoland water park is there to rent swimwear and necessary equipment for pools.

Aquariums Zones and Habitats

There are 11 different exhibits accessible within Legoland Malaysia Tickets. The SEA life aquarium houses 25 containers with 13,000 marine animals. Rockpools, Malaysian Rainforests, Coral reefs, Sunken Shipwreck, Shoaling Ray, Ocean Wave, String Bay, Jellies, Ocean Tunnel, Amazing Creation, and Seahorses. The most popular exhibit is the enchanting Ocean Tunnel, where you move beneath the roof of 180-degree views of Malaysian aqua life.

Lego Studio Legoland Deustschland Tickets
Experience Shows & Events

Under Legoland Malaysia price tickets, you can enjoy kid-friendly shows at the theme and water park. The Brick-or-Treat Monster Party show lets your kids meet the playful LEGO Monsters to mimic the 4D Movie ‘The Great Monster Chase!’ The Halloween show is all in the colorful decorations of the block beings.

Know Before You Book Legoland Malaysia Tickets

How to Reach Legoland
Best Time to Visit
Safety Measurements
Rules and Guidelines
Legoland Deustschland Tickets

By Car:

  • Take a cab/taxi from Johor Bahru via the Coastal Highway to reach Legoland Malaysia Resort.

  • Take a cab/taxi from Tuas Second Link or Woodland Checkpoint to reach Legoland Malaysia Resort.

By Bus:

  • Board the local route SL1, LM1, JPO2, and CW7L to directly reach Legoland Malaysia Resort.

FAQ's of Legoland Malaysia Tickets

Why is Legoland Malaysia famous?

    Legoland Malaysia is famous because it has a theme park, water park, and aquarium. With Legoland Malaysia tickets, you can see 70 attractions and watch various shows in multiple zones such as LEGO City, MINILAND, NINJAGO World, etc. Besides the theme park, the cheap Legoland Malaysia tickets combo makes this place famous for the splash adventure in the water park and educational tour of SEA life.

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