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LEGOLAND San Antonio is one of the most sought after theme parks by the largest toy producer in the world that offers exciting activities for kids. This theme park is completely made up of giant Lego bricks and is designed for the kids between the age of 3 to 10 years. There are various building sections where your little builders can build a plane, a race car, or even a miniature of the city of San Antonio. With your Legoland San Antonio tickets, you can visit the LEGO Factory to know about the process of brick making.

You can also head to Miniland to watch how night falls and lights come up over the building, how airships and trains are made and more. You can also construct a LEGO building at the Earthquake Tables and test its strength with moving the plates. During your visit to Legoland, you can enjoy a 4D movie at a theatre or else head to the food court to relish delicious meals. Let your little builders explore the 10 play zones here that guarantee a day filled with laughter and joy.

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Legoland San Antonio lets you enjoy plenty of entertaining attractions with your loved ones for a day of LEGO-building fun. With your Legoland San Antonio tickets, you can enjoy the rides inside the park, see all the attractions, watch a 4D movie, or even let your kids become little builders for a day. They can build their imagination with Lego blocks starting from an airplane to a miniature city of their own. The Legoland San Antonio discovery centre is spread across an area of 30,000 square feet that guarantees a fun-filled day and also has VR sets for you and your kids to experience virtual reality.

Best Deals For Legoland San Antonio Tickets

Legoland Discovery Center + Sea Life Aquarium

The Sea Life Aquarium is located just beside the Legoland San Antonio and you can book combo tickets to save money. With your Legoland San Antonio tickets you can also get access to Sea Life Aquarium tickets at a discounted price. You get to enjoy all the rides at the Legoland park, visit all the attractions, and your kids can explore every play zone. With this ticket, you can also explore all of Sea Life Aquarium and check out the 360 degrees glass ocean tunnels and become friends with the sea creatures.

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Admission + Virtual Reality + Digital Photo Pass

If you are visiting Legoland, then you must have enough photos to cherish the memories all your life. With this combination of Legoland San Antonio tickets, you will get the admission to the Legoland discovery centre San Antonio and the ride of the virtual reality. You will also get VIP access to the digital photos that will be taken upon arrival or when you are inside the park having fun. It is to be noted that the guests and kids only with height more than 40 inches will be allowed for the Virtual Reality rides.

Things To Explore at Legoland San Antonio

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Miniland San Antonio

The Miniland San Antonio zone at Legoland is a complete miniature of the city of San Antonio made of up to 1.5 million Lego bricks. Your Legoland San Antonio tickets allow you access to this area, and at sundown you can see the miniature city, with buildings, roads, and rivers, which can be seen glowing with lights, giving a real-life city vibe.

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Lego 4D Cinema

With your legoland tickets San Antonio, you have access to watch 4D movies like Master of the 4th Dimension, Officer in Pursuit, A New Adventure, and more. Your kids get to head out on a fun virtual adventure as they feel wind, rain, and even snow in real life as though coming out of the screen. They will get to experience the enchanted forests, hidden caves, raging seas, fire, ice, and more.

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Kingdom Quest

With your Legoland tickets San Antonio, get access to this fun play zone where you can participate with your kids. Find your own chariot and start your adventure of saving the trapped princess. Grab your guns and attack the zombies and other enemies as they emerge out of nowhere to protect yourself and save the princess

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Merlin's Apprentice Ride

Your Legoland tickets San Antonio lets you enjoy this play zone of magic and enchantments. Pedal as fast as you can and get the help of the most powerful sorcerer to become one of the most powerful wizards. Get lost in the world of magic, potions, spells, and enchantments, and have the most fun you can.

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Lego City Play Zone

With your Legoland San Antonio discount tickets, do not miss the chance to visit the play zone. This huge play zone has everything that your little kids can do to burn off some of their excited energy and you can sit and watch them or participate with them. This play zone has everything, from wall climbing to slides to building blocks for building your imagination.

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Meet Mini Master Model Builder

With your Legoland San Antonio discount tickets, get a chance to meet the Mini Master Model Builder of Legoland San Antonio. Langdon won this title as his model of a penguin was selected at the competition of building. He built a penguin in the sea as he loves penguins and finds them cute. You can interact with him and he can help you build your own models and become mini master model builders too.

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  • Discounted DealsGet your Legoland San Antonio discount tickets and avail interesting discounts and exciting offers when you book from us. We want you to enjoy the Legoland theme park to the fullest with the lowest cost of price to make your experience worth every penny and more.

  • Pre-Book your TicketsLegoland San Antonio is one of the most popular places in North America, it can get crowded very easily. So, it is recommended to book your Legoland San Antonio discount tickets in advance so that you will get to enjoy all the play zones and rides with your kids without any hassle.

  • Easy and ConvenienceBooking your tickets in advance makes the whole experience convenient and cost effective as you get exciting discounts. You can book your Legoland discount tickets to San Antonio from us at your ease and convenience anytime sitting anywhere. You will get instant confirmation and there is nothing more to worry about on the day of your visit. You can just skip the lines and directly enter into the attractions.

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  • Timing10 am to 5 pm

  • Location849 E. Commerce Street, Suite 910, San Antonio, TX 78205

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Which attractions Can be visited with the LEGOLAND Discovery Center San Antonio Admission Ticket?

    Legoland San Antonio is spread across a land of 30,000 square feet, so there are a lot of attractions that you can visit. Some of them are Miniland, Kingdom Quests, various rides, 4D movies, and 10 different play zones

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