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With Legoland Scheveningen tickets, put a smile on your kid’s face with the block-building activities. One of the most popular kid attractions in the Netherlands, Legoland offers various zones and recreational tasks to build intellect in your kid. Located on Scheveningen boulevard, the zones of Legoland are known as Discovery Center. The enchanting park encompasses zones like NINJAGO® Training Zone, Miniland, Lego Duplo Park, Heartlake City, the construction & test zone, and Lego Duplo Park for your kids to enjoy.

If you want to take a quick overview of the park, hop on to the cute Fantasy Express and explore the miniature zones. Apart from fun zones, Legoland hosts creative workshops to teach children about the art and techniques required to build structures with the blocks. After enjoying a family day at Legoland, you can think of buying a LEGO-special gift for your child and eating scrumptious snacks at the terrace cafe.

Your Legoland Scheveningen Ticket Explained

Buying tickets for Legoland Scheveningen Discovery Center offline could land you in long queues dealing with crowds leading to longer turnaround times. The chances of the tickets being sold off are high as this is one of the favorite kid spots in the Netherlands. The online booking system lets you book the tickets for Legoland Scheveningen for the preferred date within a few clicks from the comfort of your home. As soon as you book the tickets, a confirmation message is sent to your mobile. This saves you from any inconvenience at the venue and provides you instant access to the Legoland Scheveningen.

Legoland Scheveningen Ticket Combo Deals

Legoland Discovery Center  Tickets
Scheveningen: Legoland Discovery Center Entry Tickets

Legoland Scheveningen tickets for the Discovery center lets you enter the playful indoor LEGO Playground. The ultimate family destination center houses more than 7 playgrounds that let you build your own designs of LEGO bricks and experience the LEGO adventure. With the tickets, you can enjoy the main highlights of LEGO NINJAGO, “The Hague” recreation in MINILAND, and Build and Test Zone. You and your kid can score points in all of these games to take a special ride in the LEGO city via Fantasy Express. End your day in the LEGO shop to buy souvenirs and special items for your little ones.

Legoland Discovery Centre + Sealife

nter Legoland Scheveningen to let your kids enjoy building their dreams with colorful blocks. Access 7 themed zones like NINJAGO, MINILAND, Build, and Test Zone. There is a 4D Cinema to indulge in an immersive adventure. After enjoying Legoland, explore Scheveningen boulevard to visit SEA Life Aquarium at a 3-foot distance. The tickets give you access to the SEA Life aquarium to witness 45 natural environments for fishes, seahorses, reefs, starfish, and stingrays. Catch the beautiful sight of aqua wildlife of the residents of the Amazon River, and Tropical Rainforest to say hello to Piranhas.

Why Book a Legoland Scheveningen Skip the Line Ticket Online?

Legoland Deustschland Tickets
  • Seamless Payment: The online booking system lets you make seamless payments for tickets. There are multiple cashless, and online methods for making a payment to the website like cards, and wallets. The safe payment system goes through multiple encryptions and then, it is processed to complete your transaction and safeguard it.

  • Deal of the Year: By booking the tickets online, you can avail of heavy concessions on the Legoland Scheveningen tickets price. There are multiple variants and combo tickets listed on the website for you to choose from. By booking the appropriate ticket, you are saving money to make your trip even more budget-friendly.

  • Advance Fun: Skip the long queues and book your ticket online in advance from the comfort of your home. Owing to the popularity of Legoland in the Netherlands, the location is always crowded with kids. To ensure your fun in the play zone, you must book the tickets online to make a hassle-free quick entry.

Attractions at Legoland Discovery Center Scheveningen

Ninjago Training Camp
Lego Ninjago Training Zone

Access the Ninjago Training Zone to mimic the powerful moves of Master Wu and the Ninjas. The training is incorporated into an obstacle course. Your kid plays smart and builds the LEGO creation. The game Temple Mountain lets you build your own version to showcase your skills. The challenge of the laser maze is the main specialty of NINJAGO.


Legoland Scheveningen tickets let you access the Miniland zone to explore the cute interactive city. Possessing hundreds of mini-figures, this zone houses water amidst Legoland. You can make out the toy-recreation of enchanting landmarks of The Hague, and Scheveningen cities and witness the vibrant lights illuminate the miniature city.

Lego Studio Legoland Deustschland Tickets
4D Cinema

Indulge in the immersive experience in Legoland to let your kid enjoy an adrenaline rush without any effort. The 4D experience plays a 3D movie that requires you to wear VR sets as the simulation generates a real-life effect. You can feel the rain, wind, snow, storm, and many more entertaining films.

Fantasy Express

Take an overview of the entire Legoland in the delightful fantasy tour. The cute little tram that moves through Legoland is known as the magic wand. The blue-colored tram ride offers seats for the little ones in the front and backseat for the parents. It rides through Lego city for you to score high on the board list.

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Creative Workshops

Within the Legoland Scheveningen discovery center, make your kid a part of the creative workshops Inside the recreational zone. Aimed directly at kids, the creative workshops tend to enhance the designing and building skills of your children. A Master is there to teach your kid real building skills through the popular Legoland blocks, almost 1 million in number.

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Lego Duplo Park

Duploland is a colorful zone of Legoland Scheveningen that lets your kid build dope structures like towers and buildings with blocks. The building skills of your kids are tested by the artificially induced earthquake on the platform that supports the blocks. The playfulness of making and breaking the structures keeps the kids indulged for more and more.

Heartlake City

Heartlake City is a zone of Legoland Scheveningen that showcases the story of five friends- the riders. Each of the friends has a special quality, different from the others. The storyline of Heartlake city merges your kids with their friends and helps them build the city of blocks.

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The Construction & Test Zone

The construction and test zone of Legoland Scheveningen is a zone for accessing the self-built Lego Vehicle from blocks. Your kid can be a part of the group to reach the high and steep hills of the construction and test zone to witness the Lego block vehicle race for the fastest and strongest.

Lego Cafe

Sit in the Lego Cafe with Legoland Scheveningen tickets and have your favorite snack. The Lego-themed cafe is on the terrace to offer you some of the nicest coffee and tea in The Netherlands. It is sometimes termed a Legoland restaurant, where families come to relax and post fun at Legoland before leaving.

Know Before You Book Legoland Scheveningen Tickets

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Legoland Deustschland Tickets

- Location: Strandweg 13K, 2586 JK Den Haag, Netherlands.

- Opening Hours: Legoland Scheveningen is open every day from 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM.

- Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit Legoland Scheveningen is during the opening time around 10:00 AM and on the weekdays. Localities arrive during the weekends when the schools are shut. This makes weekdays the best time to avoid crowds and enjoy activities.

  • Tour Duration: 2-3 hours are needed for enjoying various activities and zones at Legoland Scheveningen.

FAQ's of Legoland Scheveningen

Can adults visit Legoland Discovery Center without any children?

    No, adults cannot visit Legoland Scheveningen without kids aged 12 or under. For getting Legoland Scheveningen tickets, you must enter with your children as it is a fun zone dedicated to kids. Adults are allowed inside when the adult nights are hosted once a month.

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