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Ever wondered how it feels like to be in a Lego-themed amusement park? A park where you can come across the Lego characters and places you only imagined about? Well, put an end to this curiosity of yours by purchasing Legoland California tickets with us. One of the most fun-filled and amusing theme parks in the world, Legoland has a charm of its own. Built in 1999, this park has been a massive hit in the US, with hundreds and thousands of ticket booking and reservations being made. THe theme park has more than 60 rides like the stunning Bionicle Blaster, Coast Cruise, Adventurer’s CLub and Coastersaurus. The Heartlake, themed on girls’ favourite LEgo Friends, hosts an amazing Heartlake Fountain, HEartlake Stables and Mia’s Riding Camp.

You can also visit the first-of-its-kind miniature park - the Miniland USA, where you can explore miniature attractions like the EIffel TOwer, Taj Mahal , Block of Fame and model New York. ALso visit the Model Shop, where many of Legoland California’s lego creations are built. With Legoland California tickets, you can also get access to Sea Life Aquarium, offering a unique and immersive marine life encounter to your kids. THe Aquarium, themed on lego models, is home to thousands of animals ranging across species. Lastly, do not forget to have a fun-filled adventure at the WaterPark with Legoland CAlifornia tickets. Here, you can enjoy rides and activities like Pirate Reef, Twin CHasers, Build-a-Raft River and many more.

How to Skip the Line at legoland california?

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1. Book Skip the Line TicketsLegoland California is one of USA’s most visited and sought after theme park destinations in the holiday season. Considering the limited entry capacity available in the LEgoland theme park and in turn its soaring demand, it can get quite tiring to stand in the line and book tickets. In this case, we recommend you to opt for booking tickets online and in advance with us, so that you can easily skip the line to purchase entry tickets to California Legoland.

2. For Better Experience, Book Combo TicketsYou can also skip the line and at the same time get entry to multiple attractions in Legoland California using combo tickets.

3. Arrive Early Reach the place early so that you are not kept waiting at the entrance of the park.

Legoland California Tickets Variations

LEGOLAND California One-Day Ticket

Grab this amazing opportunity and purchase tickets to Legoland California to spend a fun-filled day at Legoland California. Rejoice and let your inner child out as you experience the amazing rides and attractions of this park. Have fun on thrilling rides like Emmet's Flying Adventure Ride, Dune Raider and the famed Bionicle Blaster. Also get to visit the Sea Life Aquarium where you can explore an amazing underwater marine life bustling with thousands of fish species. Buy tickets Legoland California to have an adventurous day at the Legoland Waterpark and indulge in activities like Joker Soaker, Build a aRaft River and Imagination Station.

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LEGOLAND California + SEA LIFE Aquarium + 2nd Day Free Hopper Ticket

Buy tickets Legoland California where awesome awaits for families with children in the age 2 to 12. Spend a day taking part and enjoying the 60+ rides of the resort and also the rides of the Water Park. Witness your imagination manifest in reality at the new Lego Ferrari Built & Race attraction, and also immerse yourself in the virtual adventure at the Lego movie world. Take part in Emmet’s Flying Adventure, which takes you on a futuristic ride to the unimaginable Lego Movie universe. At the Sea Life Aquarium, get hands-on experience with marine life and get to learn a lot about the exotic fish dwelling there.You can also avail free 2nd day hopper Legoland California tickets with this package.

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LEGOLAND California + SEA LIFE Aquarium + Legoland Water Park + 2nd Day Free Hopper Ticket

With these discount legoland tickets California, get to have an exciting day at the lego-themed resort and indulge in its countless rides, activities, shows and imagination worlds. At the theme park, indulge in rides and activities like the Pirate Reef, Technic Coaster, Bionicle Blaster, Beetle Bouncer and so on. At the fairy tale brook, go on an amazing boat ride featuring large scale characters like Snow White, Aladdin and the Three Pigs. Make a visit to the Funtown, where the driving zone will explore your kids to traffic safety and rules in a fun way. You can also avail a 2nd day ticket with this tour package, and hop between the amazing resort, water park and aquarium.

Things to Do at Legoland California

Enjoy Rides & Attractions

Buy Legoland discount tickets California to get access to one of the world’s most thrilling and adventurous theme parks. Enjoy the thrilling Explorer Island, and take part in its memorable Safari Trek and Fairy Tale boat ride. At Miniland USA, go on an amazing and educational Coast Cruise ride, where you can come across some of the world’s most famous wonders and monuments. Also visit the DUPLO Playtown, Castle hill and the Water Park with Legoland discount tickets California.

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Check out our live shows

WIth Legoland discount tickets California, witness its countless live shows and performances. In the Officer in Pursuit, join the Lego City Police in chasing down mischievous people across the city and help them put them behind bars. THe Lego Mythica 4d takes you on a 4d immersive experience to enchanted forests, seas, mountains, caves and so on. You could also watch other shows like Friends Beach, Ninjago and also watch as the animals and fish in the aquarium are fed.

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Meet & Greets throughout the park

Watch your kids’ surprised reactions when they witness their favourite Lego characters in the park. With Legolnad tickets, you can get to meet famous characters from Nnjao and 4D Officer and Pursuit. Also run into A new Adventure’s characters like Emmet, Benny or Wyldstyle.

Attend the Seasonal Events

Legoland California hosts a number of seasonal events that are sought after by a lot of people. Visit the Halloween themed- Lego Monster Party and enable your kids to take part in amazing shows and activities based on the theme. Take part in monster parties, Operation Monster squad and the Candy Curse.

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Have Gun at Water Park

With Legoland California Discount tickets, visit the amazing lego-themed water park. Take part in creative activities like Build Your Raft, Eglor’s Build Your Boat, Riptide Racers and Orange Rush. Also indulge in Duplo Rush, Splash Out, Twin Chasers and Wipeout Lagoon.

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Explore SEA Life Aquarium

Expose your child to marine life in this interactive Sea Life Aquarium at Legoland California. Watch them open their eyes wide in curiosity as they encounter marine animals like sharks, starfish, octopus and so on. With Legoland California discount tickets, you can experience the ‘Sea at Night’ and take memorable walks in an illuminated and starry sky.

Have a perfect Dining

Legoland has some amazing cuisine to satisfy your appetite! From cheeseburgers, pizza, sweet treats and freshly prepared salads and fried chicken, it has it all. Popcorn, ice cream and beverages are also available at various shops and stalls. WIth Legoland California discount tickets, you could dine at Burger Kitchen, Urban Kitchen or Pizza Mania.

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Enjoy Shopping

Legoland is an amazing place to go shopping with your kids, with dozens of shops selling Lego-themed toys, apparels and accessories. You can visit shops like the Big Shop, Castle Hotel, Brick Brothers, and Everything is Awesome.

Know Before You Book Legoland California

Location & Timings
How To Reach
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  • LocationLegoland California, Carlsbad, California

  • Timings:

Timing Legoland California : 10 AM - 8 PM

Timing Water Park: 10:30 AM - 6:00 PM

Timing Aquarium: 10:30 AM - 8:30 PM

FAQ's of Legoland California

Why is Legoland California so famous?

    Legoland California is one of the world’s most unique and fun-filled theme parks, also housing a water park, aquarium and miniature park. Filled with endless attractions themed on Lego, it is a hit among kids of all ages. It has many highly sought after rides like the COast Cruise, Dragon Coaster, Twin Chasers and so on. WIth Legoland California tickets, get access to the Aquarium and Water Park which have thrilling and exciting activities for kids to indulge in.

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